Letter to King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand

@#$%! Adulyadej – Thai King!!!

Your current country is a robbed territory from Khmer empire during the late 13th century, and your late ancestors including yourself for this generation of your reign, you have always managed your fucking Thai guys for invasion and capture of our territory, especially along Cambodian-Thai border without shame during the past years.

We think that, you know very well that your country is part of ex-Khmer Empire, even your royal family persons had been part of sub-Khmer kings in the past.

Despite the fact that, you look never keeping yourself as Khmer blood. We heard that your family persons are speaking Khmer language in your royal house every day, isn’t it?, what’s that mean?, who are you today?, and where are you from? you are part of Khmer, right? if you do not admit, it’s no problem.

Besides, in name of top leader, and an umbrella of your Thai shit nations, you should educate your citizens about the true history that your current Thailand was part of Chakkraphop Khmer (Khmer Empire), and in contrary, you have never advised your subordinates to publish the true history, that’s why most of your fucking Thais became ultra-confused, dumb, deaf, blinded, forceful, furious, silly, anarchic, etc.

We are here fed up with your ignorance, your arrogance. If you were a real Buddhist, you should do good things to all human beings in the globe especially Khmer people (your origin), and you must not be silly like for the past years and today!!. Of course, you are a good guy for your countrymen in term of social development performance, be an umbrella over your nations, etc. but you are very very very bad guy for Khmer nations because you just a traitor to Buddhism, you just a fake Buddhist – in such a case, you would be sentenced to 10,000 years in the hell in your imminent next life.

Besides, we have been also doubtful about your face, why you have never smiled in your life?, what’s happening to you guy? you look so worried all the time, that is because of you have been a big thief to Khmer nations?, and you are afraid of going to the hell? please tell the Khmer public in your TV screen(s)!!!

Be realized, that past years of 20th century of Khmer tragedy was part of the consequence of your silly ambition. We believe in our Premier, he is a credible conqueror, he is no longer keeping quiet over your shit actions over Preah Vihear Temple and your shit actions over border line of Khmer territory, he is not a coward, he will show you of his grasp in short coming day(s).

We, Khmer citizens, now in trouble with you guy, with your people, because of your silly management, because of the consecutive invasions of your shit Siamese black clad troops under your direct order. Hundreds square kilometers of soils along Khmer-Thai border are illegally captured by your Thai authorities, and you must not say that you did not realize about that!! You are too much!!

Historically speaking, Malay , Burma , and China were in the joined border with Campuchea, i.e. these three countries were the neighbours with us, and it is not with current Thailand . People in the world learnt clearly about that except your Thai shit guys. Generally, Thai guys, especially your black clad ones, in term of attitude, are:

very rude,
very furious,
very arrogance,
very show-off,
very stupid,

Your black clad killed many Khmer civilians/workers for these decades, and they have been looking down the neighbour countries. You and your guys considered yourselves that your country is the super power for the South East Asia , but this is just a big miscalculation of your piggy heads. For years, your Thai guys made enemies with all the neighbours, i.e. with Cambodia , with Laos , with Malay, with Burma , and with Islamic citizens in your robbed south provinces territory, etc. You must realize that all people around your country have never satisfied with your Thai guys.

We have always recalled our mind about your bad Thai guys attitude, and [….. you must be part] of

a) ex-killing field 1975-1979 in Cambodia ,

b) massive killing of Khmer civilians/refugees in the year 1979-1983 along Dang Rek mountain, i.e. you had managed your Thai guys to transport thousands of Khmer citizens/refugees back to be killed by the landmines at the base of Dang Rek mountain especially an area adjacent to Preah Vihear Temple without the knowledge of The United Nations,

c) killing of hundreds of Khmer civilians along the border for these three decades,

d) thievery of our Khmer cultural heritage/artifacts for these three decades+,

e) invasions activities onto Khmer territory,

f) cause of the ruins of Khmer temples all over the country.

– These happenings must be under your shit account!!!
– You and your shit Thai guys must pay all the price back before the last resort of your life!!!

@ P Penh, 24 July 2008, from Mr. 1000armsman, tel 010-123-123

cc: Embassies in Phnom Penh Media

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